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The Corporate Affairs/ Public Relations Office is an arm of the Principal’s office at Mama Ngina University College (MNUC) working to ensure that management, as a whole, and the entire MNUC is aligned with its messages and actions across the board.
Additionally, this office spearheads the building of a positive brand image for the University College while working to cultivate and maintain a strong relationship with the public.
The main functions of this office are:
    —  Disseminate information through various communication platforms to further MNUC interests.
    —  Convey information on MNUC events to print and electronic media.
    —  Liaison office between MNUC, the public, media personnel and external organizations.
    —   Marketing and branding.
    —  Planning and coordinating corporate events.
    —  University College publications.
    —  Receiving visitors and coordinating courtesy calls.
    —  Respond to inquiries and providing information to stakeholders.
    —  Direct stakeholders to relevant offices for specific services.
    —  Receiving of complaints and general feedback on services rendered by departments.